Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters
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Capt. Billy offers a variety of trips depending on what style of fishing you prefer. Trips are available for everyone from the seasoned fly fishermen to the novice spin fisherman. No matter what type of fishing you like to do, Capt. Billy can put you on fish.

Everyone loves flats fishing for its exciting action with big fish in shallow water. Its hard to beat seeing a big redfish eat you lure or fly just a few feet from the boat. When fishing Mosquito Lagoon with Capt. Billy, expect to see almost every fish you catch before you hook them. Most fish will be landed in less that a foot of water, some much shallower. reds, trout, and black drum will be the targets on these trips.

Sightfishing will be the main technique used to land these fish. In other words, this technique requires you to spot the fish before you cast to it and catch it. The goal is to spot the fish before it spots you, then quietly make an accurate cast in front of it and present the lure to the fish as it approaches. Accuracy is extremely important in this style of fishing, and Capt. Billy will make it as easy as possible by getting you as close to the fish as possible and positioning the skiff so you have the easiest cast. On an average day you will have 75-100 shots at redfish or trout, sometime many more, expect to land 5-10 fish on an average day, and some days more. Patience is a must as sometimes you will see 100 fish before you catch one fish, but when you do land that fish, it is all the more rewarding.

The majority of anglers will fish in Mosquito Lagoon. Expect to see a large body of water with clear flats harboring bottoms covered in sea grass. Juvenile redfish and trout inhabit the majority of the lagoons shallow flats with larger fish in the deeper areas. Sometimes the lagoons redfish, large and small gather in schools in large numbers. This is quite an impressive sight and a year-round occurrence, but the most fish are schooled during the winter months.

What to bring

The must have equipment is a hat and you favorite pair of polarized glasses. These two items are essential for sightfishing so if you do not have any, Capt. Billy will provide them for you. In the summer months, wear light clothing that you are not afraid of getting a little wet due to the afternoon thunderstorms. Capt. Billy does provide rain gear in case of a sudden shower. In the winter months, dress in layers and wear a good wind breaker. It usually warms up in the afternoon, even in the winter, but mornings can be chilly!

Capt. Billy provides all licenses, tackle, photography and equipment you need. Drink will be provided, but if you want to bring some snacks or drinks of your own, you are more than welcome to. Do not worry about bringing a cooler, Capt. Billy has a 65q Yeti that can fit anything you may bring. If you wish to use your own tackle, please contact Capt. Billy to see if it is appropriate for the type of fishing you will be doing on your trip.